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Reach Your Full Fitness Potential At Bull & Bear Gym

Are you searching for the best way to reach your fitness goals? At Bull & Bear Gym in Fuquay-Varina, NC, we’re here to provide the tools, resources, and support to make your dreams a reality.

Get Expert Coaching With Our Personal Training Services

When you sign up for one of our personal training packages, you’ll have access to the most advanced and intensive workout regimen that will take your physical fitness to the next level. With the guidance of our experts and our holistic approach to wellness, you can achieve your fitness goals and get into shape like never before.

Go Full Contact With Our Martial Arts Training

Bull & Bear Gym also offers specialized training in jiu-jitsu, judo, and other martial arts. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness and coordination or looking to join the professional circuit, our highly experienced instructors will guide you on the path to excellence and success.

Take It Up A Notch With Infrared Light Saunas

Infrared saunas offer a unique and natural approach to improving and sustaining wellness. By leveraging infrared light to penetrate human tissue, a multitude of anti-aging benefits are generated, allowing individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle. To return to balance and achieve personal wellness objectives, utilizing an infrared sauna is the perfect choice.

Unlock Your Potential With Our In-House Chiropractor

Bull & Bear Gym offers a comprehensive chiropractic experience designed to restore your quality of life. Contact us now to see how our services can help you quickly get back to the things you enjoy doing.


Target Tight Muscles With In-House Massage Therapy

Bull & Bear Gym utilizes a holistic method to identify the source of pain when providing massage and bodywork services. This approach can assist individuals with chronic pain, stress, lack of sleep, athletes striving to advance their abilities, and anybody wishing to promote their general well-being.

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MBody Massage

At Bull & Bear Gym, our MBody Massage takes a holistic approach to target pain, stress, sleep issues, and enhance overall well-being. Our skilled therapists identify specific areas of concern, providing effective relief for chronic pain, athletes, and anyone seeking improved wellness.

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